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One theme has preoccupied me and been apparent in my work since the mid 1990`s when I lived and studied in Germany and Holland, and that is duality - in every aspect of human life. My work evolves around the human figure and condition.

I like painting in oil, often diptychs, corresponding with each other. I depict inner conflicts about aging, being a stranger or gender assignments. If gender is not important in a particular painting, the figures often look androgynous. Aside from painting in oil, I also enjoy working as a printmaker. Over the past couple of years I started transforming elements of my paintings into prints using a transfer technique called paper lithography. The image never transforms back into the painting it came from but is "recycled" into a new life. Each print is unique since the printing plate is only a Xerox paper. Often I add layers of monoprints. Or I paint on the prints. This mixed media process creates a new tension caused by the layering or partially burying of the images.I like for my imagery to have its own clarity and subtlety but at the same time address a world of uncertainty and obscurity. 

All images copyright Kristina Kuester-Witt